A fully branded, turnkey web-based program providing the tools for managing the legal, regulatory and relationship needs within a company. The HR Support Center houses employment laws for all 50 states as well as all federal laws rewritten into easy to understand English. We have a complete HR Policy Library, an incredibly thorough selection of customizable Job Descriptions, all relevant HR Forms, Quick Guides addressing the most in demand inquires, thousands of Q&A's, an incredibly informative HR Audit and so much more! Always updated in real time, the HR Support Center is a robust resource for you and your clients, up to date with the most essential HR support!

HR Pro Support

HR Pro Support is a Support Center upgrade that offers your clients unlimited HR consultations with a live Human Resource Professional over the phone or via secure email.

There are two levels of Pro Support:

HR On-DemandHR Compliance Services

A reactive consulting service. With HR On-Demand, your clients reach out for help any time they need it.

  • Ask the Pro: Address situational questions about workplace compliance and issues like terminations, hiring, harassment, classifications and so much more!
  • Document Customization: Our HR Pros will create and / or customize various HR documents.
  • Employee Handbook Development: Our HR Pros will create and /or customize your client's employee handbook.

A proactive consulting service. With HR Compliance Services in addition to being able to reach out to HR On-Demand as needed, your clients benefit from continuous, ongoing support from their very own assigned HR Pro.

We provide HR Auditor training for those affiliates who chose to offer this service program. The employees of your choice can become certified HR auditors, enabling them to provide ongoing, proactive auditor services.

HR Compliance Services provides a wealth of compliance solutions. Review the table below for a quick summary comparison. For more details, contact us.

Click here to view a comparison of the HR On-Demand and HR Compliance Services.

HR Support Center Includes

Policy Library: A library of standard business policies.
State & Federal Laws: Written in easy to understand terms.
HR Forms: Library of business, state and federal forms.
3-Minute HR Audit: Assess the effectiveness of your HR functions.
HR Checklists: Checklists to help organize business tasks.
Benefits: Coverage of core concepts and fundamentals regarding employee benefits.
Monthly Newsletter: Alerts and articles to stay current on HR topics.
HRCast: Monthly podcasts covering HR best practices.
eAlerts: Instant notification of important law updates.
HR Resource Center: Resources for ordering posters, training materials and reference literature.
Quick Guides: Hot topics for employee solutions.
Job Descriptions: Catalog to help hire and organize employees.
Q&A Database: Hundreds of questions already answered by HR Pros.
HR Checklists: Checklists to help organize business tasks.
HR Best Practices: Monthly articles covering best practices.
Glossary of Terms: Easy to read definitions for key HR terms.
HR Guides: Various guidelines providing helpful references in following particular business procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Branded HR Support Center?

We build a branded HR Web service site for you to offer your client and potential clients. Then we give you the option of adding on-demand consulting service. Your clients will have 24/7 access to HR tools and information with the option of a staff of HR Consultants at their finger tips. What you charge, or if you charge it is up to you - it's YOUR site!

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I already have HR Administration service, why do I need YOU?

HR is an overused term. Some will tell you it is Payroll; some will say its Benefits and/or Benefits administration. We say it's legal / regulatory / relationship - Handbooks, forms, job descriptions, laws, Q&A database as well as Federal and state specific information. We become your HR department web site and optionally consulting source. Even if you have in-house HR staff a web based HR Support Center can enhance access, reduce labor costs and add value to your current services.

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Why should I participate?

To compete with other service providers, as well as developing a valuable source of additional recurring revenue. Service Bureaus, Insurance brokers and other competing industries offer both these solutions to their clients and are becoming more prominent as small businesses face stronger HR compliance and liability/exposure with their employees. This service allows small to medium sized businesses access to a wealth of information via the web. With the HR On-Demand service it is like having a Fortune 500 HR Department at your fingertips.

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Is there an agreement that needs to be signed?

Yes. You will be asked to sign and return a participation agreement. This straight forward 3 page agreement is designed to protect both you and us.

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How much can I charge for these services?

Depending on your market and client base you should be able to charge anywhere from $4 - $10 per month for web site access. Then for the HR On-Demand service the value comparable to your local cost of HR consulting services. We have seen it range anywhere from $20 - $50 per month. We have also seen a flat fee and then an add-on based on # of employees. And some affiliates don't charge for the base site, they just make it a part of their value-added services -- It's up to you!

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What marketing materials are available to promote this program?

HRAnswerLink has created a few samples to help you promote this product to your clients. These documents are also available in electronic format on our support site for download. All documents may be customized with your company logo and contact information.

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How do I get setup?

Return the signed agreement to HRAnswerLink and then email us a high quality version of your logo. Nothing else is needed and 3-4 days later your site will be ready for you to customize and make it your own.

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Once I'm setup how do I get my clients online?

We provide training for you or your administrator. At that time you will be given an administrative password that will allow you to customize the site and give you the ability add, edit and delete users. HRAnswerLink will also be happy to help you upload large numbers of clients at a single time. In the Admin center "Toolkit" there is an Excel Spreadsheet format for you to use for this purpose.

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How will I be invoiced?

You will be billed monthly. Billing is based on the number of users you have on the site on your billing date. OR if you have had anyone on the site for 5 days or more during the previous 30 day period.

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I'm ready to go - what do I do?

We build a branded HR Web service site for you to offer your client and potential clients. Then we give you the option of adding on-demand consulting service. Your clients will have 24/7 access to HR tools and information with the option of a staff of HR Consultants at their finger tips. What you charge, or if you charge it is up to you - it's YOUR site!

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